Complete Rebuild

The following is meant to illustrate The Chimney Company’s process of a complete rebuild. We are certified professionals, please DO NOT attempt ANY of these procedures yourself.

Please note that a full 10 year guarantee only applies to complete rebuilds.

Protect work area. Tear down chimney to roofline, below existing flashing. Obtain solid course in order to start the rebuild.

Rebuild chimney using new bricks to match old ones as close as possible.

Mortar between the bricks to be finished using a concave joint.

Seal joints on the clay flue from the roofline up using fireclay.

Leave an airspace between the clay flue and the brick to allow room for expansion.

Install new precast concrete cap with a double cut drip edge.

Install a screened rain cap and top clay tile if necessary. Reseal existing chimney flashing at roof level.

Return to seal top of chimney to prevent water penetrating crown.


Partial Rebuild

There are, in some cases, good reasons to only repair a portion of a chimney. Here are some examples for why only a partial rebuild may be necessary.
The first house on the right is fairly new but the top portion of the chimney is corbelled. Corbelling is often a problem because it allows water to saturate the crown.
On the second image the top corbelled portion and rebuilt the chimney straight up.
It is almost impossible to match the exact bricks and mortar, therefore the difference between bricks is obvious on a partial rebuild, as seen in the third image.