Chimney Services

The Chimney Company takes great pride in all the work and services we provide to you. Our highly skilled tradesmen, crew and staff will never compromise or substitute the quality of our work or materials to obtain a contract. Every single job receives the exact same amount of attention and detail regardless of how large or small it may be.

We are licensed by the “City of Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards” as a “Chimney Repairman” to repair chimneys and install chimney liners. In addition, we are also certified as a “Technician and Sweep” by W.E.T.T inc. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer), a non-profit training and education association. These credentials ensure that we are qualified, competent and experienced professionals. We carry all the necessary licenses, certificates, WSIB Workers Coverage, full Liability Insurance, and guarantees.

And please remember that we at the Chimney Company are certified professionals, please DO NOT attempt ANY of the procedures you see on this website yourself.





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